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PasswordSave Game Methods : Password

Game uses password feature to save player's progress. That means that the player receives password at the end of some level or at given checkpoint which can then be entered in the main menu so the game can be continued from that point. Such games do not save any game data anywhere, but use password as a set of pre-saved checkpoint that let player continue rather than starting anew.

Password is part of the Save Game Methods category. Ways of saving a game progress within a game. Online games may hold all the saved date in online cloud, typically computer games support savegame feature on internal storage or hard disk drive. Older console games had external storage like various memory cards used for saving game data, some games don't use any save option but use password system which lets the player jump to specific point in the game or exact level to continue playing from, and so on.

Additionally, this group holds ways of how game lets the player save game progress. Some games allow for manual save where player can name the file, while other games use auto-save feature beside or instead manual save game progress.

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