MatureESRB Rating : Mature

Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain mature sexual themes, more intense violence and/or strong language.

Mature is part of the ESRB Rating category. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings are designed to provide information about video and computer game content, so you can make informed purchase decisions. ESRB ratings have two parts: rating symbols suggest age appropriateness for the game, and content descriptors indicate elements in a game that may have triggered a particular rating and/or may be of interest or concern.

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sorted in ascending orderGame TitleYearPublisher
Dino Crisis 22000Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd., Capcom Co., Ltd., Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
DOOM1995GT Interactive Software Europe Ltd., Williams Entertainment, Inc., Softbank Corp.
Dracula: The Last Sanctuary2000Canal+Multimédia, Cryo Interactive Entertainment, Cryo Interactive Entertainment (Büro Deutschland), DreamCatcher Interactive Inc., France Télécom Multimédia, index+, Wanadoo Edition
Dracula: The Resurrection2000DreamCatcher Interactive Inc., Microïds
Duke Nukem 3D1997GT Interactive Software Corp., King Record Co. Ltd.
Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes2000Infogrames, Inc., Take-Two Interactive Software Europe Ltd.
Duke Nukem: Time to Kill1998GT Interactive Software Corp., GT Interactive Software (UK) Ltd.
ECW Hardcore Revolution2000Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Evil Dead: Hail to the King2000THQ Inc.
Fear Effect2000Eidos Interactive, Inc., Eidos Interactive Limited
Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix2001Eidos Interactive, Inc., Eidos KK, Eidos Interactive Limited
Final DOOM1996GT Interactive Software Europe Ltd., Williams Entertainment, Inc., Softbank Corp.
Forsaken1998Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., Acclaim Japan, Ltd.
Galerians1999ASCII Corporation, Crave Entertainment, Inc.
Grand Theft Auto1997BMG Interactive Entertainment, Syscom Entertainment Inc., Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Grand Theft Auto: Director's Cut1999Rockstar Games, Inc.
Grand Theft Auto: Mission Pack #1 - London 19691999Rockstar Games, Inc.
Grand Theft Auto: The Classics Collection - Grand Theft Auto / Grand Theft Auto: London / GTA22003Rockstar Games, Inc.
Hellboy: Dogs of the Night2003DreamCatcher Interactive Inc.
Hexen: Beyond Heretic1997GT Interactive Software Corp., GT Interactive Software Europe Ltd., Softbank Corp.
Ian Livingstone's Deathtrap Dungeon1998Eidos Interactive, Inc., Eidos Interactive Limited
Juggernaut1998Jaleco USA, Inc., Tonkinhouse
Kagero: Deception II1998Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd., Tecmo, Inc., Tecmo, Ltd.
Koudelka1999Infogrames Europe SA, Infogrames, Inc., SNK Corporation
Lethal Enforcers I & II1997Konami Co., Ltd., Konami of America, Inc.
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