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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in descending order# Games
Homestar Runner universeGames that take place within the Homestar Runner universe of online animated ...25
Jeopardy! licenseesGames based on the long-running TV quiz show where the host gives you the ...25
LOGistICAL series25
KOEI Historical Simulation seriesA series of games dealing with historical figures and time periods. Usually ...25
Middleware: Cocos2dGames using a version of the Cocos2d framework. This also include the branches ...25
Super Robot Taisen seriesBanpresto's series of strategy RPGs with super robots, originally developed by ...25
Dark Parables seriesThe Dark Parable games are hidden object games, which also contains simple ...24
SI Games' Football Manager seriesFootball management games developed by Sports Interactive Limited. These are a ...24
South Park licenseesDenotes games based on the Comedy Central cable TV show "South Park".24
EA Sports BIG gamesThe EA Sports BIG label was used for publishing sports games published by ...24
Project Cars series24
Protagonist: ElfThis game group identifies games where the player-controlled main character or ...24
3D Engine: id Tech 3 (Quake III: Arena)Games using the id Tech 3 engine (original or modified based on Quake III) by ...24
Marvel's Avengers licenseesGames featuring Marvel's team of superheroes who come together to combat a ...24
Bingo (U.S.) gamesThis group includes all video game adaptations of Bingo, the American variant ...24
Genre: Sports - Ski Jumping24
Total War: Warhammer series24
Theme: Illegal Drugs / NarcoticsGames where the theme is primarily activities involving the use, purchase, ...24
Softdisk's Big Blue compilationsMonthly disk magazine shovelware compilations of games, utilities, applications ...24
Sony MLB seriesSony's series of baseball games licensed by Major League Baseball. From 1999 to ...24
Setting: AztecGames that either take place, partially or entirely, in ancient central Mexico ...24
Dora the Explorer licenseesGames using the license of the Dora the Explorer animated television series, ...24
Wheel of Fortune licenseesLicensed games based on the popular Wheel of Fortune game show. See also: Wheel ...24
Moe Jigsaw series24
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