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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in descending order# Games
Historical conflict: Arab-Israeli conflictHostilities between Jewish and Arab inhabitants of the Middle Eastern ...20
One Piece licenseesGames based on the manga and anime franchise One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda, ...20
TrackMania games20
Mario Kart seriesThe Mario Kart series includes all kart-racing games that contain Mario ...20
Games made in Blitz BasicBlitz Basic, published by Acid Software, took over AMOS's crown as the premier ...20
My Little Pony licensees20
Physical Bonus Content: Movie / TV SeriesThis group should contain all the retail releases that include a CD, DVD, or a ...20
Army of Tentacles series20
Battlefield 3 seriesThis group contains the main game and all its downloadable content (DLC) ...20
Aircraft: Panavia TornadoGames featuring the Panavia Tornado NATO fighter/bomber in a prominent role. ...20
3D Engine: MT FrameworkGames using a version of the MT Framework engine (original or modified) by ...20
Sword of the Stars seriesA series of futuristic 4X games developed by Kerberos Productions.20
Theme: Game DevelopmentThis group includes games that focus on the process of developing electronic ...20
Threes! variantsPuzzle games based on the concept of the pattern matching title Threes!.20
Aircraft: B-17 Flying FortressGames featuring the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress in a prominent role. -- from ...20
Setting: Church / MonasteryThis group contains games that are set inside one of the following buildings: ...20
Junior Adventure gamesHumongous' adventure series for kids 3-8 featuring characters like Pajama Sam, ...20
Cabal variantsCabal variants are games where the player simultaneously controls an on-screen ...20
Karaoke Revolution seriesKonami's Karaoke game series (including jpop, anime themes, ballads, western ...20
Space Hulk seriesThe Space Hulk games are a video game adaption of the board game called Space ...20
Hero Siege19
Tamagotchi gamesThis group contains Bandai's series of electronic pet life-cycle simulator ...19
Automobile: McLaren P1Games where the player can drive the McLaren P1. This group also includes the ...19
Censored Japanese releasesThis game group should contain any Japanese release which is censored in ...19
Gamebook conversionsIn the plainest sense, gamebooks are Choose-Your-Own-Adventures (featuring user ...19
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