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Genre: Card / Tile game - EuchreGames that contain playable versions of the card game Euchre.19
Automobile: McLaren P1Games where the player can drive the McLaren P1. This group also includes the ...19
Depth series19
skate seriesA series of skateboarding sims produced by Electronic Arts and their Black Box ...19
Automobile: Lancia 037Games where the player can drive the Lancia 037 and all its variants, including ...19
RC Plane 3 series19
IndieBox releasesThis group is for the IndieBox releases, which are released on a monthly basis. ...19
Setting: City - Rio de JaneiroGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Rio de Janeiro, ...19
RC Plane19
Rail Simulator / RailWorks series19
Godzilla gamesGames featuring Toho's Godzilla kaiju (giant monster), a fire-spewing ...19
Yakuza / Ryū ga Gotoku seriesYakuza, originally Ryū ga Gotoku (Japanese: 龍が如く, literally "Like a Dragon"), ...19
Dark Souls seriesDark Souls is a series of action role-playing games by FromSoftware. Rooted in ...19
Monkey Island seriesMonkey Island is a series of comedy adventure games set in fictional 18th ...19
Red Baron gamesGames featuring the World War I German fighter pilot Manfred Albrecht ...19
Hero Siege19
Theme: HomelessSometimes painted broadly as bums or hobos, this group collects games featuring ...19
Animal Crossing seriesA series of sandbox games without defined goals. The player lives in a ...19
Cossacks series19
Thief seriesThief is a series of stealth action games, initially created by Looking Glass ...19
Yoshi seriesGames prominently featuring Yoshi, the dinosaur from the Mario series. Games ...19
Automobile: Volkswagen PoloGames where the player can drive the Volkswagen Polo.Limitations The car must ...19
Anagram Puzzle GamesGames that feature anagram puzzles, where the player must make one or more ...19
Driver seriesA series of racing games set in a criminal setting, developed by Reflections ...19
Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle series19
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