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Mass Effect 3 seriesIncludes Mass Effect 3 and its expansion packs.18
City of God series18
Genre: Simulation - Castle / Fortress buildingGames where the primary or a significant part of gameplay consists of the ...18
Donald Duck licenseesGames starring Disney's Donald Duck.For games that feature other Disney cartoon ...18
Max Payne seriesMax Payne is a series of third-person shooters initially created by the Finnish ...18
Tom & Jerry gamesGames featuring Hanna-Barbera's animated cartoon cat (Tom) & mouse (Jerry) duo.18
Symphonic Orchestra: Skywalker Symphony OrchestraGames whose score was performed (in part or in full) by Skywalker Symphony ...18
pop'n music series18
Animal Crossing seriesA series of sandbox games without defined goals. The player lives in a ...18
Game Engine: TADSTADS (Text Adventure Development System) is an Interactive Fiction software ...18
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) seriesThis group contains games based on the CSI television series, broadcast on CBS ...18
Setting: City - AmsterdamGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Amsterdam, ...18
Mario fangamesUnofficial fangames based on Nintendo's Mario games universe. 18
Two Worlds seriesRole playing games developed by Reality Pump in which you play a nameless hero ...17
2000 AD licenseesGames based on characters originally appearing in the British 2000 AD comic ...17
Mega Man / Rockman X seriesA spin-off of the Mega Man series of games, which takes place approximately a ...17
Daisenryaku seriesSystemSoft's long-running war strategy series, starting with Gendai Daisenryaku ...17
3D Engine: Lithtech JupiterGames using the Jupiter Engine by Lithtech, Inc. (later Touchdown ...17
Middleware: flixelGames using flixel, a free collection of Actionscript 3 files (as an ...17
Contra seriesThe Contra series is a series of sci-fi / futuristic action games that ...17
Automobile: Ariel AtomGames where the player can drive the Ariel Atom.Limitations The car must be ...17
The Flintstones licenseesGames licensed around the characters of the modern stone-age family, from the ...17
Bejeweled seriesThe popular handheld puzzle games about flipping pairs of gems.17
Middleware: EnlightenGames using the Enlighten technology by Geomerics to update lighting an ...17
Ratchet & Clank seriesThe Ratchet and Clank series are sci-fi games about two space adventurers, the ...17
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