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Awakening seriesThe Awakening games tell the story of the princess Sophie, who slept for one ...16
Game Engine: Blender Game EngineGames developed using the Blender Game Engine, part of the Blender 3D creation ...16
MSXdev entriesGames written for the annual MSXdev coding contest for MSX computers.16
3-D Ultra seriesGames by Sierra On-Line/Dynamix bearing the 3D-Ultra label. 16
Automobile: Panoz EsperanteGames where the player can drive the Panoz Esperante.Limitations The car must ...16
Game Engine: SEUCKGames made using Sensible Software's Shoot 'em up Construction Kit.16
Sensible Sports games16
Sensible Soccer gamesThis series of soccer games is known for small-sprite top-down view and loose ...16
Aircraft: Dassault RafaleGames featuring the Dassault Rafale in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...15
Animal Evolution seriesEvolution games made by Tapps Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.15
Ballistic Overkill series15
Snowmobile gamesGames about snowmobile racing.15
SWAT seriesSierra discontinued the Police Quest series after the release of Open Season, ...15
Macross licenseesGames based on the sci-fi anime series Macross (1982) by Shōji Kawamori. The ...15
Peggle series15
Hunt the Wumpus variantsWide-ranging interpretations of Gregory Yob's '70s mainframe game Hunt the ...15
Kakuro gamesTranslations of the logic game Kakuro. It is similar to a crossword puzzle but ...15
Impressions Games' City Building series15
Risen seriesRole-playing games developed by Piranha Bytes and starring an "Unnamed Hero" as ...15
Gameplay feature: Burden / EncumbranceGames where the player controlled character suffers penalties if carrying too ...15
Sanctum seriesA series of FPS/tower defense hybrids.15
MicroProse Grand Prix seriesGames developed or distributed by MicroProse (or later owners ...15
Total Entertainment Network (TEN) multiplay platformGames that supported online multiplay modes through the TEN client.15
Fantasy Mosaics series15
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