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Historion series2
Void Destroyer series2
Sea Battle series2
Wild West Quest seriesA series of hidden object adventures games that involve you traveling to the ...2
Setting: City - VolgogradGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Volgograd, Russia. ...2
Bounder series2
Ultra Level Add-On series2
Rare's Snake seriesA pair of games by the company Rare featuring segmented snakes eating necessary ...2
SEGA Ninja gamesThis game group deals with the ports of the arcade game SEGA Ninja (Ninja ...2
New Boggle Boggle seriesNew Boggle Boggle (뉴 보글보글) is a series of Korean-made games heavily inspired by ...2
BoxWorld seriesSokoban clone BoxWorld and its sequel(s).2
Tau Ceti series2
Hurdle Turtle series2
9th Dawn series2
Zombie Arena series2
Arcademic Skillbuilder seriesA series of educational arcade games (hence the name) published by ...2
Mahjongg Artifacts series2
Alonso Racing seriesA series of formula 1 racing games for mobile platforms.2
Pixxxel Plop series2
All Star Racing seriesA series of budget-priced racing games.2
Falcon Patrol seriesA series published and delevoped by Virgin Games, Ltd., in which players ...2
Sonic Dash series2
Bombaman seriesTeam Bomba's Bombaman, and its followup, Extra Ammo.2
Druglord seriesA series of managerial games in which the player takes the role of a drug lord.2
Dreamals series2
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