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Xuanyuan Jian seriesXuanyuan Jian (traditional Chinese 軒轅劍, simplified Chinese 轩辕剑, "The Sword of ...13
Star Realms series13
Shadowrun licenseesThis group includes games based on the tabletop RPG Shadowrun, created in 1989 ...13
Automobile: Spyker C8Games where the player can drive the Spyker C8 and all its ...13
Ultima Online seriesVarious expansions, add-ons, re-releases and compilations of the Ultima Online ...13
Flight Sim World13
Setting: VenusGames that are set, partially or entirely, on Venus.All games in this group ...13
Battlestar Galactica universeGames set in the universe of the American sci-fi TV series Battlestar ...13
Overcooked! series13
Stellaris series13
Protagonist: Journalist / ReporterThis group contains games where the player controls a journalist or news ...13
Valis gamesIncludes Valis series and other Valis licensees.13
Deer Hunter seriesSunstorm's series of wilderness deer hunting simulators.13
Video Game Anthology seriesA thirteen volume series of coin-op conversions released between 1992 and 1995 ...13
Case Closed / Detective Conan licenseesThis group includes games based on the ongoing manga Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン; ...13
Front Page Sports series13
Mario RPG seriesGames featuring Nintendo's plumber hero, Mario but not in the classic sense. ...13
Wakfu series13
Epyx "Games" seriesContains games from all the Epyx olympiad-style games (games where you compete ...13
Portal series13
Targ variantsGames with gameplay similar to Exidy's arcade game Targ. Targ is a shooting ...13
Alien: Isolation series13
Monsters, Inc. licenseesGames based on the 2001 Disney/Pixar film Monsters, Inc.13
Scene It? series13
VEGA Conflict series13
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