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Dr. Seuss licensees11
Unofficial add-ons for Command & Conquer gamesThis group contains all unofficial add-ons for games in the Command & Conquer ...11
After Burner seriesSega's series of casual F-14 Tomcat jet flighter simulations, originally arcade ...11
Chess Ultra11
Runaway series11
AFL licenseesGames using an official license from the Australian Football League.11
Torment series11
Asteroids seriesThe original arcade game by Atari and all official sequels, ports and ...11
Family Feud conversionsGames based on the long-running TV game show.Related links Wikipedia: Family ...11
Prototype seriesFollowing several years after The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, ...11
Genre: Simulation - Film industryGames where the player manages a film studio or a movie theater. See also ...11
Fun School seriesA range of educational games grouped by ages11
Rise of Flight series11
Kajko i Kokosz licenseesGames featuring the characters Kajko and Kokosz created by Janusz Christa (1934 ...11
Tonka licenseesGames using or referring to toy trucks and construction equipment of the ...11
Jetfighter series11
Physical Bonus Content: Mobile Phone CharmGames which include a cell phone strap as a part of the package, not as a bonus ...11
Paladins: Champions of the Realm series11
Submachine series11
WCW Wrestling gamesWrestling games with the WCW license.11
Theme: Internet memesGames in this group use internet memes as a core narrative concept. Note that ...11
Pool of Radiance seriesThe landmark SSI "Gold Box" Advanced Dungeons and Dragons series, often ...11
Super Solvers seriesA set of educational games released by the Learning Company11
Inspiration: Author - William ShakespeareGames based on (or directly inspired by) the works of the English playwright ...11
Aircraft: SR-71 BlackbirdGames featuring the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird in a prominent role.Limitations If ...11
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