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House of 1000 Doors seriesA game series that follows the story of psychic writer Kate Reed and her ...9
Itadaki Street series9
The Dresden Files series9
Genre: Board game - Chinese chess / XiangqiAdaptations of the ancient Chinese board game xiàngqí (Chinese: 象棋), better ...9
3D Engine: QuakeGames using the first Quake engine (original or modified) by id Software, Inc. ...9
Automobile: Seat CórdobaGames in which you can drive the Seat Córdoba and all its variants.Limitations ...9
Gameplay feature: GoldsmithingGoldsmithing is a skill offered in some games that allows the character to ...9
Genre: Card / Tile game - Mille BornesGames based on the French card game Mille Bornes where players enter a racing ...9
Setting: City - MacauGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Macau, China. The ...9
Gratuitous Space Battles series9
Middleware: InControlGames using the InControl middleware by Gallant Games. It is an input manager ...9
Yūkyū Gensōkyoku seriesA series of Japanese adventure games produced by Starlight Marry, centering ...9
F.A. Premier League licenseesGames that are officially licensed by the British Football Association Premier ...9
3D Engine: TheEngineGames using a version of the TheEngine engine (original or modified), developed ...9
Automobile: Mercedes-Benz E-ClassGames where the player can drive the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and all its ...9
Heroes Rise seriesA series of interactive fiction games set in a world where superheroes exist ...9
Gameplay Feature: TortureGames that feature torture as a gameplay element within the game, which may ...9
Growlanser series9
Tempest legacyGames based on the original vector-based Atari shooter.9
Animals: LlamasGames that feature llamas as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role.9
Protagonist: Native AmericanGames in which a Native American is the main protagonist or ...9
Middleware: BeastGames using a version of the Beast software by Autodesk. It is a set of tools ...9
Burgertime series9
Theme: Internet memesGames in this group use internet memes as a core narrative concept. Note that ...9
Crash Time / Alarm für Cobra 11 seriesThe Alarm für Cobra 11 games are based on the German television series of the ...9
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