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Jewel Match seriesSuricate Software's series of themed match-three puzzle games.9
Hudson's Adventure Island seriesAfter porting Wonderboy on the Famicom/NES, Hudson Soft further developed the ...9
Rival Books of Aster series9
Star Wars: Dark Forces / Jedi Knight seriesThis series of first-person shooters developed by LucasArts and set in the Star ...9
3D Engine: TheEngineGames using a version of the TheEngine engine (original or modified), developed ...9
Gameplay Feature: TortureGames that feature torture as a gameplay element within the game, which may ...9
Gremlins licenseesGames based on or influenced by the Gremlins movie and its sequel.9
Collapse! series9
Middleware: BeastGames using a version of the Beast software by Autodesk. It is a set of tools ...9
A Certain Magical Virtual-On series9
Legacy of Kain seriesLegacy of Kain is a series of action games with puzzle-solving elements, united ...9
Crash Time / Alarm für Cobra 11 seriesThe Alarm für Cobra 11 games are based on the German television series of the ...9
3D Engine: GODSGames using a version of the GODS engine (original or modified), by Data Design ...9
Pokémon-e Aquapolis e-Card gamesGames that are contained in the dot codes of e-Cards released in the Aquapolis ...9
Aircraft: Albatros D.VGames featuring the Albatros D.V or D.Va in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...9
Automobile: Ferrari F12berlinettaGames where the player can drive the Ferrari F12berlinetta and all its ...9
Cuthbert seriesGames featuring Microdeal's Cuthbert character.9
Tempest legacyGames based on the original vector-based Atari shooter.9
The Sims 4 expansionsThis group includes the official major expansions and game packs (minor ...9
Overcooked series9
Diner Dash Spin-off gamesSpin-offs of the original Diner Dash by gameLab. This group features time ...9
ABC Sports licenseesSport games using the ABC license before ABC Interactive was acquired by the ...9
Glulx gamesGames, typically text adventures or works of interactive fiction, compiled ...9
Superbike World Championship seriesA series of official games based on the Superbike World Championship developed ...9
Middleware: 4X MovieGames using a version of the 4X Movie middleware, developed by 4X Technologies ...9
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