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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in descending order# Games
Backpacker seriesA series of board games where the players travel across the world and answer ...8
Fallout 76 seriesThis group contains the base game Fallout 76 and all of it's related ...8
Earthworm Jim series8
3D Engine: X-ForgeFathammer's 3D engine for mobile platforms such as the Nokia N-Gage and Tapwave ...8
Space Empires series8
Aircraft: Nieuport 11Games featuring the Nieuport 11 in a prominent role.Limitations If the aircraft ...8
Marl Kingdom seriesA series of fantasy RPGs developed by Nippon Ichi, taking place in the Marl ...8
The Settlers IV seriesThe Settlers IV base game with official add-ons and expansions.Parent Group ...8
Dream Chronicles seriesKatGames series of lite adventure games. The series was intended to be made up ...8
Pokémon Stadium series8
Wing Commander spin-offsGames that are based on the Wing Commander universe but are not directly part ...8
Silver Case series8
Pikmin seriesPikmin series of games.8
Aircraft: Northrop F-5Games featuring the Northrop F-5 supersonic jet fighter in a prominent role. ...8
Densha de Go! seriesA series of train simulations by Taito, originally arcade versions and then ...8
Aircraft: Nieuport 28Games featuring the Nieuport 28 in a prominent role.Limitations If the aircraft ...8
Medieval: Total War seriesThis sub game group of the Total War games is specific for the games that take ...8
Action Man seriesGames based on the Action Man toy line from Hasbro and/or the various TV series ...8
Richard Scarry licenseesGames in this group feature an official license of Richard Scarry's children's ...8
3D Engine: XnGineGames using the XnGine (original or modified) by Bethesda Softworks.8
NetHack revisionsGames based on NetHack source code. These include third-party versions ...8
Sky Gamblers series8
Jetman gamesGames starring Ultimate/Rare's Jetman character8
Space Rangers series8
Animals: BatsGames that feature bats as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role.8
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