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Devil Children / Devil Kids gamesA monster-collecting spinoff series within the Megaten universe.8
Catacomb seriesSoftdisk's series of fantasy maze-romping shooters built on the backs of their ...8
Space Pilgrim series8
Aveyond seriesA series of console-style RPGs made with the RPG Maker.8
Oneechanbara seriesSexy girls in bikinis fighting zombies bursting with blood with katana swords, ...8
10 Great Games seriesA series of compilations from Gremlin Graphics.8
Setting: City - KyotoGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Kyoto, Japan. The ...8
Shout About series8
Twenty Questions gamesComputer adaptations of the parlor game where one participant thinks of an ...8
Automobile: Porsche 962Games where the player can drive the Porsche 962 and all its ...8
John Deere licensees8
Ultraman gamesGames centering around the escapades of Ultraman, a Japanese superhero.8
Virtua Tennis series8
Cossacks 3 series8
Hulk licenseesGames featuring Marvel Comics' the Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner), created by ...8
Oregon Trail seriesA series of educational games. Most games in the series involve players taking ...8
Picross NP seriesThis group gathers all of the Picross NP Volumes (1-8), which were released for ...8
Pokémon Stadium series8
Maxit variantsMaxit's gameplay can be described as follows: "A strategy game for two players ...8
Spear of Destiny seriesA series of WWII themed first-person shooter (FPS) games based off the ...8
Snoop Dogg licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Snoop Dogg. Also includes the games that feature his ...8
Automobile: Porsche 944Games where the player can drive the Porsche 944. Includes all variants: 944 S, ...8
Warlords variantsGames based on the concept of Atari's 1980 arcade game Warlords. Warlords ...8
Miner Willy seriesPlatform games starring Miner Willy. The first game in the series, Manic Miner, ...8
Combat Mission seriesThe Combat Mission games are strategy games where the player has a limited ...8
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