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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in descending order# Games
Omerta: City of Gangsters series 8
King Arthur seriesA series of games closely related to the King Arthur mythos. Typically, they ...8
Jetman gamesGames starring Ultimate/Rare's Jetman character8
Liga Polska Manager seriesThe longest lasting (1995-2005) Polish league football (soccer) management ...8
Scourge of War series8
Shout About series8
Picross NP seriesThis group gathers all of the Picross NP Volumes (1-8), which were released for ...8
The Sumer Game variantsThe Sumer Game was written in 1968 in the FOCAL programming language for the ...8
Frozen Synapse series8
Goat Simulator series8
Game Engine: Virtual TheatreGames using the Virtual Theatre engine designed by Revolution Software. Used to ...8
Dungeon Hunter series8
Aircraft: F-86 SabreGames featuring the North American Aviation's F-86 Sabre (sometimes called ...8
3D Engine: MerkuryGames using a version of the proprietary Merkury engine (original or modified) ...8
Twenty Questions gamesComputer adaptations of the parlor game where one participant thinks of an ...8
Cartoon Network gamesGames that feature characters from the cartoons that aired on the Cartoon ...8
Defender gamesSeries inspired by, derived from and officially licensed from Eugene Jarvis' ...8
Gangstar series8
The Longest Journey seriesThe Longest Journey is a series of adventure games by the Norwegian developer ...8
My Little Pony fangamesUnofficial fangames based on Hasbro's My Little Pony franchise. Most, if not ...8
3D Engine: BitsquidGames using the Bitsquid engine (original or modified) by Bitsquid. The company ...8
Monty Mole seriesGames starring Gremlin Graphics's Monty Mole character.8
Warlords variantsGames based on the concept of Atari's 1980 arcade game Warlords. Warlords ...8
Check Man variants8
Aircraft: Northrop F-5Games featuring the Northrop F-5 supersonic jet fighter in a prominent role. ...8
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