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Pang variantsGames that feature the gameplay of Pang, first exhibited in the game Cannon ...21
Panel de Pon/Puzzle League gamesA series of puzzle games developed by Intelligent Systems. In these games, ...8
Pandora series2
Pandemonium series2
Palamedes seriesHot B's arcade puzzlers with dice.2
Paladin series3
Pako series2
Pako series2
Pajama Sam series11
Pająki series2
Painkiller seriesPeople Can Fly's debut game, Painkiller (coupled with Battle out of Hell) is a ...25
Pahelika series2
Pagemaster licenseesGames based on the Pagemaster movie.2
Paddington Bear licenseesPaddington Bear was a character written by Michael Bond and first appeared in ...4
Pac-Man World series4
Pac-Man variantsThis group contains all unofficial Pac-Man coin-op conversions, as well as ...244
Pac-Man Revenge seriesA series of Polish top-down games made in Game Maker. 2
Pac-Man games (licensed)Games which use the officially-licensed Pac-Man characters. Includes not only ...90
Pac-Man: Championship Edition series10
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures series3
Pac-Man 256 series2
Pacific War versions2
Pacific Strike series2
Pacific Storm series3
Pachi-Slot Aruze Ōkoku series2
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