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Game GroupDescriptionsorted in descending order# Games
Xenosaga series6
inviZimals series6
Blues Brothers seriesGames featuring the likeness of the "Blues Brothers" characters (played by Dan ...6
Rocky licenseesGames based on the movies about the boxer Rocky Balboa.6
Bibi Blocksberg licenseesGames based on the long-running series of German audio plays for children, ...6
Lula games6
NFS Underground seriesNeed for Speed Underground game series.6
The Berenstain Bears licenseesGames in this group have an official license of the Berenstain Bears children's ...6
Tank: M4 ShermanGames in which players can command the M4 Sherman medium tank (and its upgraded ...6
Bob the Builder licensees6
Viva Piñata series6
Morrowind seriesCovers all the versions and add-ons released for the third "Elder Scrolls" RPG ...6
Electronic Arts' Strike seriesAll of the emphasis-on-action "Strike" combat games from EA, including Jungle ...6
TowerFall series6
The Settlers III seriesThe Settlers III base game with official add-ons and expansions.Parent Group ...6
Nioh series6
Fighter Duel series6
Nekopara series6
Slingo GamesGames that revolve around Slingo, a game that combines slot machines and Bingo.6
Paperboy series6
Sorry! games6
Nippon Ichi Jigsaw seriesA series of jigsaw puzzle games produced by Nippon Ichi Software, which give ...6
Mercer Mayer's Monsters gamesGames featuring unqiue charcters from stories by Mercer Mayer. These include ...6
Gunpey variationsPuzzle games descended from Gunpey, where you connect together lines by moving ...6
Munchers series6
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