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Easter egg gamesGames concealed in software contexts in which games are not expected, typically ...6
Microsoft Golf versionsGolf games released by Microsoft.6
Sonic Advance series6
Memorial Series: SunsoftThis group gathers all of the releases in the Memorial Series: Sunsoft ...6
Mr. Do! seriesThe following list contains all the games in the series that feature Mr. Do!6
Ninja-style recreationBeing a ninja is not all about assassinations, blood and guts. Sometimes they ...6
Deal or No Deal licensees6
Hacchake Ayayo-san series6
3D Engine: id Tech 3 with ÜberToolsGames using the Ăśbertools-based modification of id Software's id Tech 3 engine, ...6
Electronic Arts' Strike seriesAll of the emphasis-on-action "Strike" combat games from EA, including Jungle ...6
Monster High licensees6
Rocky licenseesGames based on the movies about the boxer Rocky Balboa.6
3D Engine: RIOTGames using a version of the Riot engine (original or modified) by Surreal ...6
Cool Boarders series6
V for Victory seriesAtomic Games' suite of World War II battle simulations in a tabletop wargaming ...6
Electronic Arts' Theme seriesGames produced by Electronic arts that competed in an indirect way with Maxis' ...6
TY the Tasmanian Tiger seriesGames featuring TY, the Tasmanian Tiger.Related Links Official website 6
PDC World Championship Darts series6
Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting: RavenloftRavenloft™ games originally used the campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons ...6
Kingdom series6
Maestro series6
Automobile: Lamborghini LM002Games where the player can drive the Lamborghini LM002.Limitations The car must ...6
Game Engine: InklewriterGames made using Jon Ingold's Inklewriter framework for authoring ...6
DJ Max series6
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People seriesA series of episodic adventure games developed by Telltale Games in partnership ...6
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