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Devil Summoner seriesDevil Summoner is a sub-series within the Megaten universe. The first ...6
Football Manager seriesThe first football management game ever, and its follow-ups6
Realm Royale series6
Wario Land seriesAll games as part of the Wario Land series featuring the evil twin of Mario, ...6
Crazy Climber series6
Spintires series6
Diplomacy gamesGames based on the Avalon Hill board game6
White Knight Chronicles games6
Gallop Racer series6
Tribes seriesTribes is a series of first-person shooters set in the Metaltech universe, ...6
Final Fantasy VII gamesArguably the most popular installment in the famous RPG series Final Fantasy, ...6
Rite of Passage series6
Pepsi related gamesGames related to the Pepsi Cola company, best known for its cola drink.6
Alpine seriesA series of downhill skiing and snowboarding games created by Namco.6
Yar seriesHoward Scott Warshaw's suite of games for the Atari 2600 featuring the ...6
Aircraft: Do 335 PfeilGames featuring the Dornier Do 335 Pfeil in a prominent role. -- from IL-2 ...6
Viva Piñata series6
Herakles no Eikō / The Glory of Hercules series6
Master of Illusion series6
Bendy and the Ink Machine series6
House M.D. series6
Eternal Destiny series6
Ivalice Alliance seriesA subseries of the Final Fantasy games, all set in the Ivalice universe.Related ...6
Actua Soccer seriesThe Actua Soccer series consists of soccer simulations originally developed by ...6
Sierra remakesIn the early 1990s, Sierra got the idea to remake several of their ...6
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