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Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting: RavenloftRavenloft™ games originally used the campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons ...6
Valhalla Knights seriesGames belonging to the Valhalla Knights series by K2 LLC.6
Playrix's Atlantis series6
Demon Hunter series6
Enigmatis series6
Framework: UbiArtGames using the proprietary UbiArt Framework developed by Ubisoft. It aims to ...6
3D Engine: CryEngine 1Games using the first generation of the CryENGINE (original or modified) by ...6
CastleStorm series6
Farm Expert series6
3D Engine: 3DGEGames using Twilight 3D's 3DGE v2 engine, a complete rewrite of 3DGE v1, an ...6
3D Engine: CryEngine 5Games using the fifth generation of the CryEngine (original or modified) by ...6
Corpse Party series6
3D Engine: RoadHogGames using a version of the proprietary RoadHog engine (original or modified) ...6
Horizon: Zero Dawn series6
Sonic Forces series6
Lock Parsing series6
Q*Bert series6
Setting: City - StockholmGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Stockholm, Sweden. ...6
America's Army seriesA series of serious games based on actual army situations. It was mainly ...6
3D Engine: BEARDGames using a version of the BEARD 3D engine (original or modified), a ...6
Alea Jacta Est series6
3D Engine: AnvilGames using a version of the Anvil engine (original or modified) by Ubisoft ...6
Pokénon: Let's Go! seriesA subseries of Pokémon's flagship RPGs. These games are designed to be ...6
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles seriesA sub-series of Final Fantasy games which have a shared title, world, design, ...6
Woody Woodpecker licenseesGames based on the Woody Woodpecker cartoons.6
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