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The Secret Order series6
Go, Diego, Go! licenseesGames featuring the license of the animated children's television program Go, ...6
Tribes seriesTribes is a series of first-person shooters set in the Metaltech universe, ...6
Morrowind seriesCovers all the versions and add-ons released for the third "Elder Scrolls" RPG ...6
Switchblade series6
Cosmic Fantasy seriesCosmic Fantasy is a series of Japanese-style role-playing games. Created by the ...6
Happy and Indigo series6
NBA Playoffs seriesElectronic Arts series of basketball games. These games were the predecessor to ...6
Dungeon Explorer seriesThis group contains the games in the Dungeon Explorer series.6
Over the Hedge licenseesGames based on the 2006 animated film.6
Whispered Secrets series6
Reckless series6
3D Engine: GEM 2Games using the GEM 2 engine by Best Way.6
Protagonist: TrollThis game group identifies games where the player-controlled main character or ...6
Aircraft: Aichi D3AGames featuring the Aichi D3A (Allied reporting name "Val") in a prominent ...6
Aveyond 3: Orb of Magic seriesAveyond 3: Orb of Magic is a subseries of the Aveyond series. The third main ...6
Der Planer seriesThis is a series of simulations in which the player manages a transportation ...6
Theme Park series6
Papa's series6
Brandish seriesBrandish is a series of action role-playing games by Nihon Falcom. The first ...6
3D Engine: id Tech 3 with ÜberToolsGames using the Ɯbertools-based modification of id Software's id Tech 3 engine, ...6
Spirits of Mystery series6
Watchmen series6
James Cameron's Avatar licenseesGames based on James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster film.6
Family Tennis/World Court seriesA series of tennis games published by Namco.6
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