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Midway Arcade Treasures series5
F1 Pole Position / Human Grand Prix seriesF1 racing games developed by Human Entertainment.5
A.V.A.: Alliance of Valiant Arms series5
Carriers at War series5
Brain College seriesMerscom LLC's European publication series containing various puzzle games. 5
Game engine: Spinnaker Adventure Language (SAL)Games made by Byron Preiss Video Productions and published through Spinnaker's ...5
Heartline's soccer manager seriesThe games in this group are managerial soccer simulations by Heartline Software ...5
Fullmetal Alchemist gamesVideo games that are based on the license of the anime/manga Fullmetal ...5
3D Engine: 3DreamGames using the 3Dream engine developed by the internal R&D team within Digital ...5
Game Engine: Computer Novel Construction SetInteractive fiction games created by the Computer Novel Construction Set, ...5
Chuck Norris licenseesGames featuring the American actor Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris as primary ...5
Power Dolls seriesSet in a futuristic environment and starring attractive young women piloting ...5
Launch title: Saturn (Japan)Games that were available for the Japanese launch of the Sega Saturn on ...5
Rendezvous with a Stranger Girl series5
Crazy Castle series5
Skweek seriesGame starring small furry creatures from Loriciel.5
College Hoops 2K series5
Parasite Eve seriesLicensed games in the Parasite Eve series, by Squaresoft, loosely based on the ...5
Unnkulian Unventure series5
Rabi Laby series5
Ready 2 Rumble series5
Hercules / Xena licenseesGames based on the show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, its spin-off Xena: ...5
Kane & Lynch series5
Flanker gamesThe Flanker series, coded by Russian developer Eagle Dynamics, set the standard ...5
Tiny Troopers series5
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