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Trump Castle series3
Game no Kanzume seriesMega CD compilations that included a wide range of titles that were originally ...3
Setting: VenusGames that are set, partially or entirely, on Venus.All games in this group ...3
Lethal Enforcers seriesArcade shoot 'em ups form Konami, based around using a light gun.3
Battle Raper seriesOne of Illusion's experiments of combining 3D animated sex simulation segments ...3
So Blonde / Captain Morgane seriesGames in the lineage of So Blonde by Wizarbox. These games are typically ...3
IF Comp 1999 entrantsGames created for, and initially released as part of, the 5th annual ...3
Diabolika versionsGradually evolving takes on Derek Yu and Blackeye Software's demonic ...3
Moon StoriesA series of three browser based games with the moon as a central theme (yet ...3
Every Extend seriesA series of psychedelic shooters3
Daigasso! Band Brothers series3
Alfred Chicken seriesGames featuring Alfred Chicken. The 2002 version is an enhanced remake of the ...3
Raku Jongg seriesSeries of falling-block puzzle games based on the rules of Mahjong. The ...3
Game Engine: VirtualCinemaGames using the licensed VirtualCinema authoring tool originally developed by ...3
Chuck Rock series3
Aircraft: Kawasaki Ki-61Games featuring the Kawasaki Ki-61 in a prominent role. This group includes all ...3
20XX series3
Hell Yeah!: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit seriesHell Yeah games are jump & run games, or action-adventure platformer as they ...4
Game Engine: Click & Create / Multimedia Fusion ExpressGames made using Clickteam's 1996 DIY game toolkit, first released as Click & ...4
Puzzle Fighter series4
Dark Seed series4
Portal Knights series4
Toy Soldiers series4
Viewtiful Joe series4
Tank: Jagdpanzer IVGames in which players can command the Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer (and its ...4
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