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Robot seriesThe titles of the ROBOT series are arcade puzzle games written by Christian ...5
Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica series5
Hardwood seriesA series of card and board games originally developed by Silver Creek ...5
Unexplored series5
Canvas series5
Kid's Station seriesA series of educational games for the PC Engine produced by NEC Home ...5
LEGO The Hobbit series5
Middleware: FastgraphGames using a version a version of Fastgraph by Ted Gruber Software. It is a ...5
Mega Man / Rockman Zero seriesThe Mega Man Zero series is a spinoff of the Mega Man/Rockman X series of ...5
101 Pets series5
Perimeter series5
SEGA Bass Fishing series5
Transport Tycoon series5
Interplay Star Trek adventuresInterplay's Star Trek games of the early 1990s combined classical adventure ...5
Game Engine: AGASTThis group is for games made using the freeware adventure game development ...5
Crazy Nick's Software PicksA series of mini-game collections featuring the stars of Sierra's adventure ...5
Air Combat seriesA series of flight and air combat simulations by SystemSoft.5
Odallus series5
Aircraft: Sopwith SnipeGames featuring the Sopwith Snipe in a prominent role. -- from Red Baron II ...5
Game Engine: Retro EngineGames using a version of the multiplatform Retro Engine, developed by Christian ...5
PS4 games with screenshot capture disabledPlayStation 4 console supports screenshot capture with a click of a button. ...5
Stuart Little GamesStuart Little is a fictional character created by author E. B. White in his ...5
Mojo seriesA series of adult 2048 variants by L. Stotch.5
Style Savvy / Style Boutique / Girls Mode series5
Agon Episodic Adventures seriesThe AGON Episodic Adventures series tells the story of Professor Samuel Hunt ...5
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