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Genre: Board game - Black BoxBlack Box is a board game that was invented by Eric Solomon in the 1970s. It ...5
College Hoops 2K series5
Setting: Axis victory in World War IIThis group contains games which completely or partially take place in an ...5
World Heroes series5
Fleet Defender series5
Enter the Story series5
Braveland series5
Sea of Lies series5
Deflection / Slashball variantsGames in which a bouncing ball is deflected by placing slashes and backslashes ...5
Ball Revamped series5
Robotics;Notes series5
Genre: Sports - BadmintonBadminton is a racquet sport played on a rectangular court with a net in the ...5
Seven Kingdoms series5
Zero4 Champ seriesA series of racing games by Media Rings, dedicated to Japanese street racing ...5
Battle Brothers series5
Baroque universeGames set in the post-apocalyptic storyline of Sting's Baroque.5
Transport Giant series5
Eventide series5
Impressions' Plato linePlato was a product line by UK company Impressions, billed as "an exciting ...5
Techno Kitten Adventure series5
Gameplay feature: Invasion MultiplayerGames using Invasion Multiplayer gameplay have single-player campaigns where ...5
Game Engine: RapidFireGames using a version of the RapidFire engine (original or modified) by Empty ...5
Oscar series5
Middleware: Fuse5
3D Engine: Big Huge EngineGames using the proprietary Big Huge Engine, developed by Big Huge Games, Inc.5
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