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Pocky & Rocky seriesThe games about the little shinto priestess and her raccoon.5
Genre: Board game - HexapawnA game that uses the rules of chess but features only pawns. The game is often ...5
Nectaris/Military Madness seriesSeries of futuristic turn-based strategy games from Hudson Soft. In the United ...5
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX seriesThe Mat Hoffman games5
Game Engine: ImpactGames using a version of the Impact game engine (original or modified) by ...5
Setting: City - WarsawGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Warsaw (Warszawa), ...5
The Legend of Dark Witch series5
Buichi Terasawa licenseesGames based on the works of manga artist Buichi Terasawa.5
Clannad seriesA series of visual novels by Key, connected by recurrent characters.5
Clifford licensees5
3D Engine: Big Huge EngineGames using the proprietary Big Huge Engine, developed by Big Huge Games, Inc.5
Middleware: Fuse5
Porradaria series5
Family Guy licensees5
AirForce Delta SeriesIn this series the player takes control over various aircrafts to destroy ...5
Oscar series5
Biker Mice From Mars licenseesGames based on the Biker Mice From Mars animated television series, both the ...5
Shiver series5
Happy Feet licensees5
GooCubelets seriesA series of puzzle games developed by Zonitron Productions.5
3D Engine: DecimaGames using a version of the Decima engine (original or modified), a ...5
Spellcasting seriesSteve Meretzky's trilogy of magic-themed collegiate text ...5
Kane & Lynch series5
Spawn licenseesGames based on Todd McFarlane's comic book character Spawn.Parent Group ...5
Unexplored series5
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