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Dukes of Hazzard licenseesGames drawing inspiration from the television show The Dukes of Hazzard. ...5
Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives seriesA series of Sega game compilations released for the Nintendo 3DS.5
Unexplored series5
Brain College seriesMerscom LLC's European publication series containing various puzzle games. 5
A.V.A.: Alliance of Valiant Arms series5
Banjo-Kazooie seriesA series of video games which feature the honey bear, Banjo, and his breegull ...5
Ractrack gamesComputer implementations of the the pen and paper game Racetrack.5
Setting: Chinese Ming DynastyThe Ming Dynasty (Chinese: 明朝, 1368 to 1644) was the last Han (ethnic Chinese) ...5
Pro Golf series5
Hungry Shark series5
Ball Revamped series5
Phantasie seriesSSI's Phantasie trilogy of fantasy RPGs dealing with the attempts of a party of ...5
Witches' Legacy series5
Cities XL series5
Silpheed series5
3D Engine: DuniaGames using a version of the Dunia 3D engine (original or modified) by Ubisoft ...5
Juiced series5
World Heroes series5
Odallus series5
Seven Kingdoms series5
Instant Indie Collection series5
Electronic Super Joy series5
Narborion series5
Game & Watch Gallery seriesA collection of games that feature remakes and original versions of classic ...5
Enter the Story series5
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