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ACE seriesThe ACE games are flight simulations set in modern times and featuring ...4
Interactive Fiction series4
Anima series4
Magical Tarurūto-kun licenseesGames based on the manga Magical TarurÅ«to-kun or its anime adaptation.4
Der Clou! series4
Middleware: A* PathfindingGames using the A* Pathfinding middleware developed by Aron Granberg.Related ...4
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak series4
Playhouse Disney seriesPlayhouse Disney is a series of computer games designed for very young children.4
Hero Quest series4
Bakushō!! seriesA series of board games which simulates the lives of the player characters. ...4
Hang-On seriesSega's series of motorcycle racing games. Trivia: Cameos In Power Drift, the ...4
Blue Byte Great Courts series4
Victor Vector & Yondo educational adventures4
Snowboard Kids seriesA series of snowboarding games by Racdym (later Racjin Co., Ltd.).4
Middleware: IrrklangGames using a version of Irrklang, a cross platform sound library for C++, C# ...4
Aces of the Deep seriesAces of the Deep is a simulation where the player controls a German submarine ...4
Electronic Arts' "Construction Set" seriesElectronic Arts published some pioneering games under the "Construction Set" ...4
Tactical Manager series4
Midtown Madness series4
3D Engine: MaxFXGames using the MaxFX engine (original or modified) by Remedy Entertainment Ltd.4
Gameloft's Sexy Poker seriesA series of strip poker games by Gameloft S.A.4
R.I.P. seriesGames from the R.I.P. series by (White) Elephant Games. Sometimes known as RIP ...4
Pyramid Magic seriesA series of action puzzle games starring an explorer seeking a treasure inside ...4
Mujintō Monogatari seriesA series of "survival life" simulation games by KSS, typically involving ...4
Anteater variantsThis group is for games that are variants on the arcade coin-op game Anteater.4
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