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DECWAR seriesGames that evolved from WAR on the CDC-6600 at the University of Texas4
Famous Person: Albert EinsteinGames that feature a character (playable or NPC) portraying Albert ...4
Gatchaman / Battle of the Planets licenseesGames based on the Japanese anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman ...4
Launch title: Dreamcast (Japan)Games that were available for the Japanese launch of the Dreamcast on November ...4
Spaceforce series4
Club Penguin seriesA series of games that first started as a popular MMO virtual world for kids in ...4
Gute Zeiten - Schlechte Zeiten licenseesGames based on the German TV series Gute Zeiten - Schlechte Zeiten4
Corum seriesCorum (코룸) is a series of role-playing games by the Korean developer Hicom. The ...4
Lucius seriesA series of games where you play as the son of the devil and use psychic powers ...4
Super Sidekicks series4
Mia's Big Adventure Collection seriesA series of games featuring the fictional heroine Mia the Mouse, created by ...4
Heiankyo Alien/Booby Kids variantsGames based on the 1979 coin-op Heiankyo Alien or its 1987 successor Kid no ...4
Greg Hastings licensees4
Zaxxon seriesOfficial interpretations of Sega's original isometric arcade shooter property, ...4
Infinity Blade series4
Thexder series4
Nakksigwang seriesNakksigwang (낚시광) is a series of fishing games by the Korean developer Taff ...4
Death Jr. series4
Hunchback legacyGames published by Ocean using their exclusive home computer and console ...4
Weather War variantsStarting with Ouranos!, a variant of the artillery genre has featured competing ...4
Robot Wants... series4
Poker Face Paul series4
Middleware: BishamonGames developed using the Bishamon middleware, an effect and animation creation ...4
EA Sports Active series4
CT Special Forces series4
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