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Mortyr series4
Japanese Nintendo DS game releases with full English supportThis group should contain Japanese releases which have 100% support for ...4
Tec Toy's Game Box SeriesA series of compilations for the Sega Master System, released by Tec Toy. Each ...4
Best of Board Games series4
Der Clou! series4
Hacker series4
Conflict of Nations series4
Buck Rogers gamesGames that uses the licensed name or likeness of Buck Rogers; a fictional ...4
Falling down gamesEndless runners over platforms scrolling constantly from bottom to top, with ...4
Jill of the Jungle series4
Military Helicopters seriesThis group is for a series of helicopter add-ons by Abacus for Microsoft Flight ...4
Die by the Sword series4
Metal Gear Rising series4
Dezaemon seriesA series of game creation software that lets players design their own games of ...4
Distraint series4
Emerald Mine series4
Ford Simulator series4
3D Engine: Dark EngineGames that use the Dark Engine.4
1942: The Pacific Air War seriesThis game group deals with the WWII flight simulation 1942: The Pacific Air War ...4
Technobabylon series4
"You Have To" gamesFollowing in the footsteps of Mazapá's 2008 game You Have to Burn the Rope, ...4
Runes of Avalon series4
Castrol Honda seriesSeries of licensed motorbike racing games.4
Impire series4
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds series4
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