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Games with hidden / unlockable full gamesA list of games that have full length games either hidden or unlockable within ...53
Nintendo Selects releasesStarting in 2011, certain best-selling games for Nintendo systems have received ...53
Theme: Giant monstersTitles whose primary gameplay involves control of or defense against giant ...53
Aircraft: P-51 MustangGames featuring the North American Aviation P-51 Mustang in a prominent role. ...53
Protagonist: BarbarianGames in which a barbarian is the main protagonist. Historically, the term ...52
Protagonist: Mullet haircutGames wherein the main or one of the main protagonists sports a mullet haircut. ...52
Electronic Arts PGA Tour Golf seriesA series of PGA licensed golf games from Electronic Arts. The series started ...52
Automobile: Nissan GT-RGames where the player can drive the Nissan GT-R.Limitations The car must be ...52
Dragon Age seriesDragon Age is a series of role-playing games by BioWare. The games are set in ...52
Killzone series52
Aircraft: Supermarine SpitfireGames featuring the Supermarine Spitfire in a prominent role. This group ...52
Theme: Famous politicianGames which star a specific real-life politician in a major role. Often these ...52
War Thunder seriesWar Thunder online-game with all its add-ons.52
Ubisoft Club / Uplay supported gamesUbisoft games that support the Uplay service. This service gives specific ...52
Strip Poker gamesVideo game adaptations of the traditional card game poker, containing graphical ...51
Genre: Spot the differenceGames based around finding differences between two pictures, or which contain ...51
EverQuest universeAll games and expansion packs in Sony Entertainment's 3D fantasy MMO series and ...51
Gameplay feature: Permadeath / Permanent DeathPermadeath (slang) is a game feature where the player controlled character is ...51
King Arthur / Camelot gamesNote: Due to varied myth, legend, folklore, and historical sources, information ...51
Games made in GFA BasicGFA Basic was an advanced, compiled BASIC dialect for the Amiga, Atari ST and ...51
Games with profane titlesGames where its title explicitly uses words that may spark controversy towards ...51
Gameplay feature: JournalGames featuring a journal, which is automatically updated with plot advances ...51
3D Engine: SourceGames using the Source engine (original or modified) by Valve Corporation, ...51
Automobile: Mitsubishi EclipseGames where the player can drive the Mitsubishi Eclipse.Limitations The car ...51
DOOM seriesThis group includes the main series of first-person shooters by Id Software, ...51
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