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Where's My ... ? series7
Great sports seriesThe 'Great' series made by Sega for the Master System7
Shadow Warrior seriesThe Shadow Warrior games are a series of first-person shooters starring Lo ...7
Space Battleship Yamato / Star Blazers licenseesGames based on the Japanese anime series Space Battleship Yamato (宇宙戦艦ヤマト, Uchū ...7
Darkstalkers series2D fighting games by Capcom which pays homage to traditional "monsters" of ...7
One Deck Dungeon series7
Fictional character: Sinbad the SailorSinbad (also spelled Sindbad; Persian سندباد, Sandbad, meaning Lord of the ...7
Middleware: AwesomiumGames using the Awesomium middleware by Khrona to use a HTML UI in a C++ or ...7
The Sims 1 expansionsThis group includes the 7 official scenario expansions for the original ...7
Master of Orion seriesSimtex / Quicksilver sci-fi 4X game series dealing with the spread and security ...7
NBA ShootOut series7
Tsukihime / Melty Blood gamesA series of games initially developed by Type-Moon, united by common themes and ...7
Blood seriesBlood is a series of first-person shooters developed by Monolith Productions. ...7
Diablo II seriesDiablo II with its own collector's edition and add-ons, the story which was ...7
Slayaway Camp series7
Mario Golf series7
Nightmares from the Deep series7
Animaniacs licenseesGames based on the animated cartoon television series. Most of the games are ...7
EA Sports UFC series7
Ivalice universeGames set in the universe of Ivalice, a fictional location conceived by Yasumi ...7
Setting: City - DubaiGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Dubai, United Arab ...7
Gameplay feature: PokerThis game group consists of games in which the player can actively participate ...7
Black / Matrix series7
Baldr gamesBaldr is a series of action battlemech games developed by GIGA. Most of the ...7
Amazing Hidden Object Games seriesAmazing Hidden Object Games is a series of compilation packages released for ...7
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