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Fictional character: CinderellaAll games directly or loosely based on the European folk tale Cinderella.6
Blues Brothers seriesGames featuring the likeness of the "Blues Brothers" characters (played by Dan ...6
Q*Bert series6
Family Tennis/World Court seriesA series of tennis games published by Namco.6
The Badlands universeGames set in the desolate landscape of The Badlands, a universe thought up by ...6
Keflings series6
Women's Murder Club seriesThe Women's Murder Club games are hidden object games in which female ...6
Lone Wolf adaptationsGames adapted from, based on or inspired by Joe Dever's long-running series of ...6
Herakles no Eikō / The Glory of Hercules series6
The Order games6
Darwinia series6
My Farm series6
Outcast series6
Ninja-style recreationBeing a ninja is not all about assassinations, blood and guts. Sometimes they ...6
Puzzle Quest seriesThe Puzzle Quest games are tile-matching (the so called match-3) games in which ...6
Edna & Harvey series6
James Cameron's Avatar licenseesGames based on James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster film.6
DJ Max series6
Prey series6
Setting: City - StockholmGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Stockholm, Sweden. ...6
America's Army seriesA series of serious games based on actual army situations. It was mainly ...6
Bendy and the Ink Machine series6
NCAA GameBreaker series989 Studios series of college football games. The NFL counterpart of this group ...6
Disney's The Little Mermaid licenseesGames based on the Walt Disney animated feature film The Little Mermaid or its ...6
Football Mogul series6
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