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Genre: Adoptable CreaturesGames in which the player adopts and raises an ever-growing number of animals ...8
Jetman gamesGames starring Ultimate/Rare's Jetman character8
Tanteibu: The Detective club series8
Empires Apart series8
UEFA Champions League licensees8
Spear of Destiny seriesA series of WWII themed first-person shooter (FPS) games based off the ...8
World of DarknessAny game that is set in White Wolf's World of Darkness RPG setting, including ...8
Automobile: Volkswagen W12Games where the player can drive the Volkswagen W12 a.k.a. Nardò. Includes the ...8
Sony Hot Shots games8
Industry Giant series8
Mission: Impossible gamesGames licensed around either the Mission: Impossible American television series ...8
Damage Inc. series8
Super Programs SeriesA collection of compilations featuring games and programs from International ...8
Aeternoblade series8
Wacky Races licenseesGames based around the Hanna-Barbera animated TV series of Dastardly and ...8
Mordheim: City of the Damned8
Animals: BatsGames that feature bats as protagonists, or in an otherwise prominent role.8
Gundam VS. seriesBandai's long-running co-op versus fighting game franchise. The first developer ...8
Surgeon Simulator series8
Airline Tycoon seriesA series of airline business simulation games by development studio Spellbound ...8
Genre: Alternate reality gameAn alternate reality game, or ARG, is a type of game in which the real world is ...8
Protagonist: Hunter & HuntedThis game group should contain games that have at least 2 playable character ...8
Motorsport Manager series8
Spy vs. Spy seriesBased on MAD magazine's Spy vs. Spy comic series.8
Wanderland series8
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