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Warlords series8
Automobile: Nissan MicraGames where the player can drive the Nissan Micra and all its ...8
Wally Week gamesMikro-Gen's arcade adventures starring Wally Week and his family.8
Biathlon seriesBiathlon series with yearly instalments about the Biathlon event that combines ...8
Epic Pinball series8
3D Engine: Kt (HD)Games using the Kt engine, a proprietary engine by Kylotonn Entertainment. It ...8
Oneechanbara seriesSexy girls in bikinis fighting zombies bursting with blood with katana swords, ...8
Epic Roller Coasters8
Aircraft: SPAD S.VIIGames featuring the SPAD S.VII in a prominent role.Limitations If the aircraft ...8
Ninja Jajamaru-kun seriesA series of games featuring Jaleco's little red ninja.8
Middleware: FairFight/GameBlocksGames using the GameBlocks online multiplayer anti-cheating technology.Related ...8
Le Tour de France seriesLe Tour de France is Cyanide's spin-off series of the Cycling Manager series. ...8
Spy vs. Spy seriesBased on MAD magazine's Spy vs. Spy comic series.8
Automobile: Porsche 962Games where the player can drive the Porsche 962 and all its ...8
Medieval: Total War seriesTotal War games specific to the Medieval series.8
Fallen Enchantress series8
Astro Invader variantsGames based on the gameplay of the 1979 arcade game Astro Invader (Kamikaze in ...8
EA Cricket series8
Jackie Chan licensees8
Lords of the Fallen8
Frozen licenseesGames based on the Disney movie inspired by The Snow Queen folktale, Frozen.8
Mission: Impossible gamesGames licensed around either the Mission: Impossible American television series ...8
Mario vs. Donkey Kong series8
NetHack revisionsGames based on NetHack source code. These include third-party versions ...8
Backpacker seriesA series of board games where the players travel across the world and answer ...8
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