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The Mummy licenseesGames based on the 1999 film The Mummy, its sequels and spin-offs, including ...9
Tom Clancy's The Division series9
Titanfall series9
Inspiration: Author - Alexandre DumasGames based on (or directly inspired by) the works of the French writer ...9
Signature Edition releasesThis group is for the Signature Edition releases by Merge Games, which are ...9
Game Feature: Simulated InternetGames that simulate the use of an internet, the world wide web, or equivalent ...9
Great Naval Battles series9
Finding Nemo licenseesGames based on the 2003 Pixar film Finding Nemo.9
Hudson's Adventure Island seriesAfter porting Wonderboy on the Famicom/NES, Hudson Soft further developed the ...9
Mugen no Meikyū seriesMugen no Meikyū (夢幻の迷宮) is a series of adult games by Software House Parsley. ...9
Great States / World Tour seriesA series of geography games published by Designing Minds, Inc.9
The Binding of Isaac series9
Onimusha series9
Strange Brigade series9
Nikoli puzzle series9
3D Engine: QuakeGames using the first Quake engine (original or modified) by id Software, Inc. ...9
The Black Bass series9
The Surge series9
Historical conflict: War of 1812Games that are set (or contain campaigns/scenarios) during the War of 1812 (18 ...9
Panzer General seriesThe Panzer General games are turn-based games which took place in the Second ...9
SteamWorld series9
Star Wars: Dark Forces / Jedi Knight seriesThis series of first-person shooters developed by LucasArts and set in the Star ...9
Dark Dimensions series9
Skydiving gamesGames where the major gameplay elements are based around skydiving.9
Gremlins licenseesGames based on or influenced by the Gremlins movie and its sequel.9
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