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Inspiration: Internet cartoonsGames directly inspired from cartoon shows on the internet. This includes ...8
.hack seriesGames belonging to the "dot hack" RPG series8
Elvira licenseesDenotes games that feature the horror B-movie hostess queen, Elvira. Includes ...8
F-15 Strike Eagle series8
Aircraft: SPAD S.VIIGames featuring the SPAD S.VII in a prominent role.Limitations If the aircraft ...8
Guacamelee! seriesA series of Metroidvania platformers8
Jane's Combat Simulations Longbow series8
Starship Troopers gamesGames based on and inspired by SF author Robert A. Heinlein's 1959 novel ...8
Super Programs SeriesA collection of compilations featuring games and programs from International ...8
Gundam VS. seriesBandai's long-running co-op versus fighting game franchise. The first developer ...8
Novel Ware gamesCreated by System Sacom, the denominator Novel Ware was applied to adventure ...8
Final Fight seriesCapcom's series of brawling games revolving around Metro City citizens Cody, ...8
Drawn series8
3D Engine: Kt (HD)Games using the Kt engine, a proprietary engine by Kylotonn Entertainment. It ...8
Five Star Games seriesA series of compilations from Beau Jolly.8
UEFA Champions League licensees8
Catacomb seriesSoftdisk's series of fantasy maze-romping shooters built on the backs of their ...8
Valis seriesValis is a series of platform action games developed by various subsidiaries of ...8
10 Great Games seriesA series of compilations from Gremlin Graphics.8
3D Engine: X-ForgeFathammer's 3D engine for mobile platforms such as the Nokia N-Gage and Tapwave ...8
3D Engine: gMotor2Games using a version of the gMotor2 engine (original or modified) developed by ...8
Genre: Adoptable CreaturesGames in which the player adopts and raises an ever-growing number of animals ...8
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni / Higurashi: When They Cry series8
Christmas Wonderland8
Space Harrier series8
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