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F.A. Premier League licenseesGames that are officially licensed by the British Football Association Premier ...9
Lords of the Realm seriesFollowing the merger of Activision and Vivendi into Activision Blizzard in ...9
Hex series9
The Binding of Isaac series9
Genre: Simulation - TV stationGames where the player manages a TV station. 9
Layton seriesThe Professor Layton series centre around the archaeologist Professor Hershel ...9
FlatOut series9
Trials series9
Bard's Tale seriesThe Bard's Tale is a series of fantasy role-playing games originally created by ...9
Bionic Commando seriesGames spawned from Capcom's Bionic Commando for the arcades. The main ...9
Klonoa seriesNamco's Klonoa series features the floppy eared Klonoa who is a dream traveler. ...9
Player Manager series9
Thunderbirds licensees9
SOCOM series9
Project Highrise series9
Game Engine: StencylGames made using the Stencyl game creation platform. It was first publicly ...9
Bases Loaded seriesGames in the "Bases Loaded" series, a series of games about baseball developed ...9
Great States / World Tour seriesA series of geography games published by Designing Minds, Inc.9
SSX series9
Triple Action seriesSeries of compilations from Prism Leisure9
Ni no Kuni series9
Finding Nemo licenseesGames based on the 2003 Pixar film Finding Nemo.9
Planet Coaster series9
Plants vs. Zombies series9
Great Naval Battles series9
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