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Sonic Adventure series9
Project Highrise series9
SOCOM series9
True Golf Classics seriesT&E SOFT made a name for themselves with their accessible yet accurate New 3D ...9
3D Engine: PAINGames using the PAIN engine (original or modified) by People Can Fly.9
Talking Tom and Friends series9
Automobile: Seat CórdobaGames in which you can drive the Seat C√≥rdoba and all its variants.Limitations ...9
Great States / World Tour seriesA series of geography games published by Designing Minds, Inc.9
Grim Tales9
The Binding of Isaac series9
Historical conflict: War of 1812Games that are set (or contain campaigns/scenarios) during the War of 1812 (18 ...9
Paladins: Champions of the Realm series9
White Wolf Software seriesA series of shovelware CDs by White Wolf Software, a label of Wiz Technology, ...9
Offworld Trading Company9
Syberia seriesThe series of adventure games by Microids starring fictional character Kate ...9
Astro Invader variantsGames based on the gameplay of the 1979 arcade game Astro Invader (Kamikaze in ...9
Crazy Taxi series9
Aleste seriesClassic top-down shooters developed by Compile. While the most installments of ...9
God Eater series9
Genre: Simulation - TV stationGames where the player manages a TV station. 9
Nikoli puzzle series9
Homeworld seriesA series of free-roaming futuristic strategy games set in space, mainly ...9
3D Engine: Fox EngineGames using a version of the Fox Engine (original or modified), a proprietary ...9
Way of the Samurai series9
Chartbusters seriesA series of unofficial add-ons for PC games.9
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