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Middleware: FlashPunkGames using a version of FlashPunk, a free ActionScript 3 library designed for ...10
Aircraft: Messerschmitt Me 163Games featuring the Messerschmitt Me 163 in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...10
Peggle series10
Game Engine: AGOSRather than re-inventing the wheel each time around as he did between graphical ...10
Resistance series10
Theme: SleepwalkingGames using sleepwalking as major gameplay element. For most games this means a ...10
XCOM 2 series10
World Championship Snooker series10
Dishonored series10
Midnight Mysteries series10
Dungeon Siege series10
Red Dead series10
Gold Games compilations10
GO series10
Triple Play seriesElectronic Arts' annually-updated baseball series, now discontinued. The titles ...10
TOCA Racing games10
Star Soldier seriesHudson's premier shoot'em'up series, beginning in the mid-eighties. Spin-offs ...10
Depthcharge variantsGames with gameplay similar to the 1977 arcade game Depthcharge, a fixed screen ...10
Elite: Dangerous series10
Child of Light series10
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series10
Jake Hunter / Tantei Jinguuji Saburou seriesA long-running series of crime investigation games originally created by Data ...10
Skyforge series10
Sega Mega Hit SeriesSega Mega Drive/Genesis games re-released in the budget 'Mega Hit' range.10
Quest for Glory seriesQuest for Glory is a series of role-playing/adventure hybrids originally ...10
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