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Sonic Adventure series9
Nikoli puzzle series9
3D Engine: ElectronGames using the Electron engine (original or modified) by Obsidian ...9
Adventure Collection seriesA compilation of adventure games originally published by dtp entertainment ...9
République series9
Clonk seriesClonk started out as a very basic action game by Matthes Bender. The original ...9
The Mummy licenseesGames based on the 1999 film The Mummy, its sequels and spin-offs, including ...9
Tom Clancy's The Division series9
Trailblazer variants9
Great Naval Battles series9
SteamWorld series9
Automobile: Peugeot 405Games in which you can drive the Peugeot 405 and all its variants, including ...9
Sōkoban seriesThe original puzzle game by Thinking Rabbit and any follow-ups with an official ...9
Sony NBA seriesSony's series of basketball games licensed by the National Basketball ...9
The Sims 2 Stuff seriesA series of expansion packs for The Sims 2, by Maxis Software Inc. The Stuff ...9
Arcade Hits seriesThe Arcade Hits games are a series of arcade game conversions released on the ...9
Empire Earth seriesFollowing the merger of Activision and Vivendi into Activision Blizzard in ...9
Titanfall series9
Homefront series9
Inspiration: Author - Alexandre DumasGames based on (or directly inspired by) the works of the French writer ...9
3D Engine: Fox EngineGames using a version of the Fox Engine (original or modified), a proprietary ...9
Skydiving gamesGames where the major gameplay elements are based around skydiving.9
Port Royale series9
Hudson's Adventure Island seriesAfter porting Wonderboy on the Famicom/NES, Hudson Soft further developed the ...9
WWII Online series9
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