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Automobile: MG Metro 6R4Games where the player can drive the MG Metro 6R4.Limitations The car must be ...9
Panzer General seriesThe Panzer General games are turn-based games which took place in the Second ...9
The Dresden Files series9
Super Mega Baseball series9
Jewel Match seriesSuricate Software's series of themed match-three puzzle games.9
THQ MotoGP seriesNot to be confused with the Namco MotoGP series.9
Automobile: Peugeot 405Games in which you can drive the Peugeot 405 and all its variants, including ...9
WWII Online series9
3D Engine: PAINGames using the PAIN engine (original or modified) by People Can Fly.9
[email protected] Games seriesA series of games by Hasbro Interactive, Inc. where classic games were ...9
Crash Time / Alarm für Cobra 11 seriesThe Alarm für Cobra 11 games are based on the German television series of the ...9
Sony NBA seriesSony's series of basketball games licensed by the National Basketball ...9
3D Engine: Fox EngineGames using a version of the Fox Engine (original or modified), a proprietary ...9
House of 1000 Doors seriesA game series that follows the story of psychic writer Kate Reed and her ...9
Itadaki Street series9
Genre: Card / Tile game - BaccaratGames featuring playable versions of the card game Baccarat.9
Sonic Adventure series9
Jazz Jackrabbit seriesJazz Jackrabbit is a series of platform shooters designed by Cliff Bleszinski ...9
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade series9
Way of the Samurai series9
Automobile: Mercedes-Benz E-ClassGames where the player can drive the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and all its ...9
Arcade Hits seriesThe Arcade Hits games are a series of arcade game conversions released on the ...9
The Surge series9
FlatOut series9
Skydiving gamesGames where the major gameplay elements are based around skydiving.9
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