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Broforce series3
HeroCraft's Tempest series3
Alien 8 legacyThis game group includes the 1985 puzzle game Alien 8 and its ...3
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds series3
√Letter/ Root Letter series3
Crimson seriesA series of medieval-themed role-playing games by Xtalsoft. 3
Mansion of Hidden Souls series3
iBomber Defense seriesThe iBomber Defense games are Tower Defense games which are playing in the days ...3
Stasis series3
Story of Eroolia series3
Avadon seriesA series of role playing games set around the Black Fortress called Avadon. You ...3
Hydro Thunder series3
Muv-Luv series3
Tangled licenseesGames based on the 2010 Disney movie Tangled, which is inspired by the German ...3
Shadow of Yserbius series3
Knight Books Way of the Tiger seriesGremlin titles with this license3
Atari Legends seriesA series of compilations of classic Atari games for the mobile platform3
Tetris Party series3
Mugen no Shinzō / Heart of Phantasm seriesMugen no Shinzō (夢幻の心臓, "Heart of Phantasm") is a series of role-playing games ...3
Bricks Breaking series3
RayForce / Layer Section series3
The Lost Heir series3
Olli & Lissa seriesOlli & Lissa is a series of games by Roger Danison published by budget label ...3
Kudos seriesThe Kudos series are a series of life simulation games. These games typically ...3
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