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Farland Story seriesA series of Japanese-style strategy RPGs set in a medieval fantasy world. ...9
Itadaki Street series9
adidas licensees9
Adventure Collection seriesA compilation of adventure games originally published by dtp entertainment ...9
Great States / World Tour seriesA series of geography games published by Designing Minds, Inc.9
WarioWare seriesA spinoff series of Wario Land featuring a collection of fast and furious ...9
House of 1000 Doors seriesA game series that follows the story of psychic writer Kate Reed and her ...9
Command & Conquer Generals series9
Ford Racing seriesA series of racing games focusing solely on cars made by the Ford Motor Company.9
Epyx "Games" seriesContains games from all the Epyx olympiad-style games (games where you compete ...9
Hudson's Adventure Island seriesAfter porting Wonderboy on the Famicom/NES, Hudson Soft further developed the ...9
Homefront series9
Lumines series9
Super Mega Baseball series9
Theme: Internet memesGames in this group use internet memes as a core narrative concept. Note that ...9
TeamLava's Story gamesA series of management simulation games by TeamLava, which share common ...9
Last Half of Darkness seriesAdventure games made by WRF Studios with a horror theme.9
Sonic & All-Stars Racing series9
Wayne Gretzky licenseesGames licensed/endorsed by Wayne Gretzky9
Star Wars: The Old Republic gamesThis group contains games set during the Old Republic era of the Star Wars ...9
Tonka licenseesGames using or referring to toy trucks and construction equipment of the ...9
Bard's Tale seriesThe Bard's Tale is a series of fantasy role-playing games originally created by ...9
THQ MotoGP seriesNot to be confused with the Namco MotoGP series.9
Skydiving gamesGames where the major gameplay elements are based around skydiving.9
Genre: Simulation - TV stationGames where the player manages a TV station. 9
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