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Golden Axe seriesGames (made by SEGA) set in the medieval land of Yuria, with its legendary axe ...11
Dr. Seuss licensees11
Comanche seriesDeveloped by NovaLogic, the Comanche series of games are flight simulators ...11
Heretic and Hexen seriesDeveloped by Raven Software, this series of 3D shooters set in a medieval ...11
Farland games11
Graphics Engine: RealSpaceGames that use the Origin Systems "RealSpace" graphics engine, for representing ...11
Pure Farming series11
Don Bluth / Readysoft interactive moviesContains all versions of Dragon's Lair ported to the PC and their sequels -- ...11
Games with extra content copy protectionGames that use copy protection by identifying a specified letter, word, or ...11
Zone of the Enders seriesHideo Kojima's science fiction series of conflict between Earth and her ...11
Top Gun licenseesGames or simulations based on or related to the movie "Top Gun."11
Aircraft: A-4 SkyhawkGames featuring the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk in a prominent role. -- from Combat ...11
3D Engine: AnvilNextGames using a version of the AnvilNext engine (original or modified) by Ubisoft ...11
NBA Jam seriesAll games as part of the NBA Jam series, published by Acclaim and since 2010, ...11
Tokyo Xtreme Racer \ Shutokō Battle seriesGenki's renditions of illegal street racing in Japan.Related Links: Shutokou ...11
Driveclub series11
Ice Age licensees11
Hidden Mysteries series11
Symphonic Orchestra: Bratislava Symphony OrchestraGames whose score was performed (in part or in full) by Bratislava Symphony ...11
Gameplay feature: Controllable pet companionsThis group contains games in which the player is able to control a pet, an ...11
Pajama Sam series11
Gameplay feature: Karma MeterGames that track a players behavior and choices throughout a game whether ...11
Gameplay Feature: Character GachaGashapon machines are a type of vending machine that distributes collectible ...11
Beauty and the Beast gamesGames based on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.11
Rance seriesA series of Japanese adult anime-style role-playing games developed and ...11
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