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1942: Call of War11
Beauty and the Beast gamesGames based on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.11
Symphonic Orchestra: Bratislava Symphony OrchestraGames whose score was performed (in part or in full) by Bratislava Symphony ...11
Pole Position series11
TV Fun seriesDedicated console series by APF and Tomy.11
AFL licenseesGames using an official license from the Australian Football League.11
Star Fox seriesA long-running series revolving around the adventures of the Star Fox Team as ...11
Game Feature: Simulated InternetGames that simulate the use of an internet, the world wide web, or equivalent ...11
Aircraft: Heinkel He 111Games featuring the Heinkel He 111 in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...11
Rance seriesA series of Japanese adult anime-style role-playing games developed and ...11
Little Nightmares series11
Physical Bonus Content: Mobile Phone CharmGames which include a cell phone strap as a part of the package, not as a bonus ...11
Lunar Rescue variantsGames based on the gameplay of Taito's 1979 arcade game Lunar Rescue.11
Kajko i Kokosz licenseesGames featuring the characters Kajko and Kokosz created by Janusz Christa (1934 ...11
Battle Academy series11
MacVenture seriesICOM Simulations' series of point-and-click 1st-person graphical adventure ...11
HardBall series11
Square Millennium CollectionThe Square Millennium Collection was a series of re-released games in Japan for ...11
Prototype seriesFollowing several years after The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, ...11
Inspector Gadget licenseesGames featuring the bumbling, half robotic Inspector.11
Ranma 1/2 licenseesGames based on the original manga Ranma 1/2 ( らんま½) by Rumiko Takahashi and its ...11
Shantae seriesA series of games developed by WayForward Technologies. Its namesake is a ...11
Construction Simulator series11
Automobile: Ferrari FFGames where the player can drive the Ferrari FF.Limitations The car must be ...11
Populous seriesBullfrog's original genre-making suite of "god games", allowing the player to ...11
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