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Dead Secret series2
Wind-up Knight series2
Battle Clash seriesIntelligent Systems series of rail shooters that utilized the Super Scope light ...2
Granny's Garden versionsThe original, enhanced, and "retro" emulated versions of 4-Mation's educational ...2
Gargoyle's Cú Chulainn series2
Quiz Marugoto the World series2
Super Pinball series2
Wheels of Aurelia series2
Rising Angels series2
Assault Android Cactus series2
Mysteryville seriesPsychic Laura Winner solves mysteries by clicking on objects in this series of ...2
K.C. seriesSeries of Pac-Man clones featuring the character K.C.2
Dead Cyborg seriesDead Cyborg is a series made with the engine Blender which focuses on ...2
PT Boats seriesA series of naval combat simulators, developed by Akella. Originally known in ...2
Astro Duel series2
Majesty of Colors games, The2
Covert Front seriesA series of flash-based point-and-click adventure games where the player ...2
Guardian seriesSeries of Defender clones from programmer Steve Evans.2
Space Marshals series2
Rubble Saver series2
Solitaire Master series2
Creoteam's Collapse seriesA series of third-person action games from Creoteam.2
Lost Empire seriesA series of 4X space games by Pollux Gamelabs.2
True Love Story series2
Initiate series, The2
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