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Uno licenseesElectronic adaptations of the classic card gameRelated links: Wikipedia: Uno ...14
Inspiration: Author - Edgar Allan PoeGames based on (or drawing inspiration directly from) the works of the North ...14
Tengai Makyō / Far East of Eden universeThe group contains the main Tengai Makyō RPG series as well as various ...14
Madagascar licenseesGames based on characters and situations from the Madagascar animated film ...14
Game Feature: PossessionGames in which the player is either a dead person, a ghost, human or creature ...14
EA Sports Street games14
Soul Blade / Edge / Calibur seriesThe Soul series is a 3D weapon-based versus fighting originally developed by ...14
Super Monkey Ball seriesSEGA's series of physics-based games featuring encapsulated simians navigating ...14
Namco High series14
Delta Force seriesIn the games of the Delta Force series the player is a member of the 1st ...14
Gameplay feature: BASE jumpingGames where the player can jump from fixed objects and use a parachute to break ...14
The History Channel licensees14
OutRun seriesSEGA's long-running series of route-forking competitive automobile-driving ...14
Bit.Trip seriesRelated links Wikipedia: Bit.Trip (article in the open encyclopedia about the ...14
Game Engine: SunBurnGames using the game engine SunBurn by Synapse Gaming LLC.14
Avalanche variantsGames inspired by the arcade game Avalanche, in which multiple objects are ...14
Aerofly FS series14
The Banner Saga series14
Automobile: Nissan PrimeraGames where the player can drive the Nissan Primera and all ist ...14
!Zone seriesSeries of unofficial add-ons for various games by WizardWorks Software.14
Jack Nicklaus Golf gamesAny golf game bearing Jack Nicklaus' licensed likeness or support.14
International Superstar Soccer series14
Theme: OfficeGames taking place in, or relating to, office environments.14
Physical Bonus Content: CalendarThis group should contain all the retail releases that include a calendar ...14
Aircraft: SPAD S.XIIIGames featuring the SPAD S.XIII in a prominent role.Limitations If the aircraft ...14
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