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Famicom Wars seriesA series of games developed by Nintendo and/or Intelligent Systems. The ...13
Aircraft: Avro LancasterGames featuring the British four-engine heavy bomber in a prominent ...13
Automobile: Spyker C8Games where the player can drive the Spyker C8 and all its ...13
5-Star General seriesDenotes games that are either Panzer General, sequels of Panzer General, or use ...13
Deer Hunter seriesSunstorm's series of wilderness deer hunting simulators.13
Turok licenseesGames starring the Turok: Dinosaur Hunter character or featuring characters ...13
Gameplay feature: JoustingGames featuring the ability to joust on horses or other animals.13
Flight Sim World13
Moto Racer seriesA series of arcade motor racer games, developed by Delphine Software ...13
Mystery Trackers series13
Gameplay mechanic: Flick shootingGames where the player has to shoot or thrown a ball by making a swift swipe ...13
Automobile: Lamborghini HuracánGames where the player can drive the Lamborghini Hurac├ín and all its ...13
Automobile: KTM X-BowGames where the player can drive the KTM X-Bow and all its ...13
Automobile: Toyota PriusGames in which you can drive the Toyota Prius and all its variants.Limitations ...13
Doraemon licenseesGames based on the popular children's manga and anime franchise Doraemon, ...13
Casper licenseesGames based on the cartoon character Casper the Friendly Ghost.13
Valis gamesIncludes Valis series and other Valis licensees.13
Carcassonne licenseesLicensed games based on the board game Carcassonne.Related links Wikipedia: ...13
Genre: Tile maze removalIn these games the player move a character around a grid of tiles or hexagons. ...13
Front Page Sports series13
Myst variantsThis group is for games inspired by the first-person adventure game series ...13
Bugs Bunny licenseesGames featuring the wise-cracking Warner Bros Looney Tunes mascot Bugs Bunny as ...13
Rush Hour variantsGames based on the concept of the board game Rush Hour, invented in the 1970s ...13
The Lord of the Rings Online series13
Ashes of the Singularity series13
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