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International Superstar Soccer series14
!Zone seriesSeries of unofficial add-ons for various games by WizardWorks Software.14
The Crew series14
Maker / Tsukuru gamesLong running series of user-friendly game design toolkits produced by ASCII ...14
Summer Lesson series14
Automobile: Chevrolet Bel AirGames where the player can drive the Chevrolet Bel Air and all its ...14
Game Engine: SunBurnGames using the game engine SunBurn by Synapse Gaming LLC.14
Bit.Trip seriesRelated links Wikipedia: Bit.Trip (article in the open encyclopedia about the ...14
Fire Pro Wrestling series14
OutRun seriesSEGA's long-running series of route-forking competitive automobile-driving ...14
Chicken Invaders seriesSeries of Chicken-themed Space Invaders clones where the player flies a ...14
Marvel Heroes series14
Nicktoons games15
Animal Evolution seriesEvolution games made by Tapps Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.15
Close Combat seriesAtomic Games' series of real-time strategy games set during WWII.Related links ...15
Psygnosis/Sony Formula One series15
Sanctum seriesA series of FPS/tower defense hybrids.15
Falcon seriesThis group contains the Falcon line of computer games. It is a series of ...15
Macross licenseesGames based on the sci-fi anime series Macross (1982) by Shōji Kawamori. The ...15
Genre: Air racingRacing games with airplanes (or other aircraft) instead of cars.15
Hacker Evolution seriesHacker Evolution series follows the escapades of Brian Spencer, an IT expert ...15
I Spy seriesA series of educational games based on the popular book series by Jean Marzollo ...15
Pool Nation series15
Jimmy Neutron licenseesGames using the art style, characters and/or elements from the universe of the ...15
Tokimeki Memorial gamesA series of Konami's dating simulation games.15
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