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Farm Frenzy seriesAlawar's series of farming-themed time management games.12
Automobile: Chevrolet El CaminoGames where the player can drive the Chevrolet El Camino and all its ...12
Operation Flashpoint series12
Mr. Driller gamesA series of action-puzzle games produced by Namco, originally a coin-op title. ...12
Gameplay feature: Minefield traversalGames in which the player must traverse a minefield. This group does not ...12
Chocobo gamesGames that feature chocobos, the giant chick-like birds from the Final Fantasy ...12
Middleware: Adventure CreatorGames using a version of Adventure Creation, an extension created by Chris ...12
Star Realms series12
Realms of Arkania / Das Schwarze Auge seriesRealms of Arkania (German: Das Schwarze Auge) is a trilogy of role-playing ...12
Conan licenseesConan, The Barbarian is the most famous character created by Robert E. Howard ...12
TopWare Earth series12
ClueFinders seriesThis series of educational games revolves around a mystery-solving team of kids ...12
Langrisser series12
3D Engine: InfernalGames using the Infernal engine (original or modified) by Terminal Reality, Inc.12
Rambo licensees12
Redneck Rampage seriesA suite of Build engine FPS games and level packs featuring the explosive ...12
Record of Lodoss War universeGames based on Ryo Mizuno's Record of Lodoss War (ロードス島戦記) cycle of fantasy ...12
Aircraft: RAF S.E.5Games featuring the Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5 (in both its S.E.5a and S.E.5b ...13
Automobile: LaFerrariGames where the player can drive the LaFerrari and all its ...13
Ashes of the Singularity series13
OnHand's Legends seriesThe Legends of games are a series of hidden object compilations for Windows, ...13
NHL 2K seriesThe original intent of the NHL 2k series was to have an offering on the ...13
Warlords universeGames taking place in the fantasy universe Etheria, first introduced in SSG's ...13
Suikoden universeIncludes the Suikoden series and its spin-offs.13
Train Sim World13
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