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Gameplay feature: Game Completion PercentageThis group contains games that record the player's completion percentage as ...15
Activision O2 brand gamesGames that came under the Activision O2 extreme sports brand.15
3D Engine: GoldSrcGames that use the GoldSrc engine by Valve L.L.C.. It was created as a ...15
Aircraft: B-2 SpiritGames featuring the Northrop (Grumman) B-2 Spirit in a prominent ...15
Pokémon fangamesUnofficial fangames based on Nintendo's Pokémon universe. 15
Kakuro gamesTranslations of the logic game Kakuro. It is similar to a crossword puzzle but ...15
Aircraft: Dassault RafaleGames featuring the Dassault Rafale in a prominent role.Limitations If the ...15
Wargame series15
Jimmy Neutron licenseesGames using the art style, characters and/or elements from the universe of the ...15
MicroProse Grand Prix seriesGames developed or distributed by MicroProse (or later owners ...15
Impressions Games' City Building series15
Virtua Fighter seriesSega's flagship 3D fighting franchise. In which motion-captured martial artists ...15
Micro Machines licenseesGames based on the "Micro Machines" toy franchise which consist of really ...15
Mermaid gamesGames based on mermaids, often in the lead role.15
Total Club Manager / FIFA Manager seriesElectronic Arts' third attempt at football management games (following FIFA ...15
194x seriesThe 194x series consists of World War II shoot 'em ups by Capcom. They ...15
Cabela's Big Game Hunter seriesA listing of all games in Cabela's Big Game Hunter series.15
Ghost 'N Goblins seriesA series of platformers by Capcom.15
Electric Crayon games15
Pool Nation series15
Hacker Evolution seriesHacker Evolution series follows the escapades of Brian Spencer, an IT expert ...15
Macross licenseesGames based on the sci-fi anime series Macross (1982) by Shōji Kawamori. The ...15
Close Combat seriesAtomic Games' series of real-time strategy games set during WWII.Related links ...15
Aircraft: MiG-21 FishbedGames featuring the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Fishbed in a prominent ...15
FIFA World Cup licenseesWold Cup games officially licensed by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de ...15
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