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Delta Force seriesIn the games of the Delta Force series the player is a member of the 1st ...14
Seiken Densetsu / Mana seriesThe Seiken Densetsu Series of Games originally began in 1987, but after Square ...14
Aircraft: UH-60 Black HawkGames featuring the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk in a prominent role. Includes all ...14
Middleware: EnlightenGames using the Enlighten technology by Geomerics to update lighting an ...14
Valkyria Chronicles series14
Unreal Tournament seriesEpic's multiplayer orientated shooter series, first came to life as an Unreal ...14
Carol Reed Mysteries seriesCarol Reed Mysteries are adventure games by Swedish developers MDNA Games. An ...14
WrestleMania licenseesVideo games named after WrestleMania, the flagship event of World Wrestling ...14
Marvel Heroes series14
Tele-Games seriesSeries of dedicated consoles marketed by Sears.14
Depthcharge variantsGames with gameplay similar to the 1977 arcade game Depthcharge, a fixed screen ...14
Lucky Luke licensees14
Dying Light series14
Microsoft Windows operating systemsMicrosoft Windows OS versions (and OS upgrades) with included games.14
The History Channel licensees14
Covermount: PC ActionGames featured as covermounts for PC Action, a German magazine.14
!Zone seriesSeries of unofficial add-ons for various games by WizardWorks Software. ...14
International Superstar Soccer series14
WipEout seriesA series of futuristic racing games where the player controls hi-tech ...14
Symphonic Orchestra: Northwest SinfoniaGames whose score was performed (in part or in full) by Northwest Sinfonia ...14
Littlest Pet Shop licensees14
Talonsoft's Campaign series Talonsoft's series of turn based tactical strategy games carrying the Campaign ...14
Stern Pinball Arcade series14
Genre: Optical illusion / Perspective puzzlesA majority of the gameplay is based around solving puzzles where the ...14
Chicken Invaders seriesSeries of Chicken-themed Space Invaders clones where the player flies a ...14
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