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Dying Light series14
Jack Nicklaus Golf gamesAny golf game bearing Jack Nicklaus' licensed likeness or support.14
Automobile: Nissan PrimeraGames where the player can drive the Nissan Primera and all ist ...14
Mermaid gamesGames based on mermaids, often in the lead role.15
Dragon Ball Xenoverse series15
Hacker Evolution seriesHacker Evolution series follows the escapades of Brian Spencer, an IT expert ...15
Google DoodlesShort games published by Google Inc. on their front page (playable in any web ...15
Tree of Savior series15
Shinobi seriesSEGA's long-running series of ninja-themed games, early on featuring Joe ...15
Ghost 'N Goblins seriesA series of platformers by Capcom.15
Games with music-based procedural generationAs suggested by the group name, these games contain some form of content, most ...15
Mega Man Battle Network / Rockman EXE seriesMega Man Battle Network (Rockman EXE) is a series of games featuring Mega Man ...15
A Song of Fire and Ice / Game of Thrones licenseesA Song of Ice and Fire is a series of fantasy novels written by George R.R. ...15
Total Club Manager / FIFA Manager seriesElectronic Arts' third attempt at football management games (following FIFA ...15
Setting: City - SeattleGames in which at least part of the setting is the city of Seattle, United ...15
Berzerk variantsGames based on, inspired by, or made in the fashion of Stern's classic Berzerk. ...15
F.E.A.R. seriesThe F.E.A.R. games are a series of horror-themed first-person shooters ...15
Alien Breed seriesA series of science-fiction action games developed by Team17 Software ...15
Jimmy Neutron licenseesGames using the art style, characters and/or elements from the universe of the ...15
Aerofly FS series15
Risen seriesRole-playing games developed by Piranha Bytes and starring an "Unnamed Hero" as ...15
Pokémon fangamesUnofficial fangames based on Nintendo's Pok√©mon universe. 15
Ship Simulator seriesA series of games developed by VSTEP simulating a wide range of ships with ...15
The House of the Dead series15
Broken Sword seriesA series of adventure games by Revolution Software, both in 2d (first two ...15
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