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Ferrari licenseesGames that are licensed from the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari and ...16
Fisher-Price licenseesGames licensed by or based on toys created by the American toy company ...16
Commander Keen seriesCommander Keen is a series of platform games developed by id Software. The ...16
Jewel BEM / Hōma Hunter Lime seriesHōma Hunter Lime (宝魔ハンターライム) is a series of short, low-interaction ...16
F1 Race Stars series16
Bratz licenseesGames licensed around the Bratz franchise, a series of dolls manufactured by ...16
Sensible Sports games16
Oddworld seriesCreated by Oddworld Inhabitants, Oddworld is a fictional universe and a series ...16
3-D Ultra seriesGames by Sierra On-Line/Dynamix bearing the 3D-Ultra label. 16
Cinemaware-style gamesThis game group contains games created by members of the Cinemaware development ...16
Xevious gamesA series of vertically scrolling shooters from Namco16
ARK: Survival Evolved series16
Automobile: Panoz EsperanteGames where the player can drive the Panoz Esperante.Limitations The car must ...16
3D Engine: IgniteGames using a version of the proprietary Ignite engine (original or modified) ...16
Star Conflict16
Batman: The Telltale Series16
Battle Isle series16
Postal series16
Mass Effect 2 seriesIncludes Mass Effect 2 and its expansion packs.16
Crazy Machines seriesFAKT Software's series of physics-based puzzle games heavily inspired by The ...16
TIGSource PG competitionGames created for the Procedural Generation competition hosted by the website ...16
Contra seriesThe Contra series is a series of sci-fi / futuristic action games that ...16
Physics Engine: Newton Game DynamicsGames using a version of the Newton Game Dynamics API to emulate dynamic and ...16
Inspiration: Book - Shuihuzhuan / Water MarginGames based on, or inspired by the Chinese novel Water Margin (simplified ...16
Divinity seriesDivinity is a series of role-playing games by the Belgian developer Larian ...16
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