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Midnight Club seriesMidnight Club games, developed by Rockstar San Diego, are a series of open ...14
Unreal Tournament seriesEpic's multiplayer orientated shooter series, first came to life as an Unreal ...14
Pirates of the Caribbean licenseesGames based on Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" license.14
Tower! 3D Pro14
Genre: Optical illusion / Perspective puzzlesA majority of the gameplay is based around solving puzzles where the ...14
Game Engine: The Games FactoryGames made using Clickteam's "The Games Factory" IDE, formerly known as "Klik ...14
Littlest Pet Shop licensees14
Cabela's Big Game Hunter seriesA listing of all games in Cabela's Big Game Hunter series.15
Virtua Fighter seriesSega's flagship 3D fighting franchise. In which motion-captured martial artists ...15
Tokimeki Memorial gamesA series of Konami's dating simulation games.15
Earth Defense Force / Chikyū Bōeigun seriesA series of action shooters developed by Sandlot that pits the player against ...15
A Song of Fire and Ice / Game of Thrones licenseesA Song of Ice and Fire is a series of fantasy novels written by George R.R. ...15
Eisenbahn.exe series15
R-Type series15
Star Ocean seriesStar Ocean is a series of predominantly sci-fi-themed (with medieval fantasy ...15
Spore seriesThis group covers the main Spore game, published by Electronic Arts, and all of ...15
Gameplay feature: AgingGames where the player controlled avatar/unit has an identifiable age or time ...15
Ballistic Overkill series15
The House of the Dead series15
Tree of Savior series15
Broken Sword seriesA series of adventure games by Revolution Software, both in 2d (first two ...15
Alien Breed seriesA series of science-fiction action games developed by Team17 Software ...15
Gameplay feature: Game Completion PercentageThis group contains games that record the player's completion percentage as ...15
194x seriesThe 194x series consists of World War II shoot 'em ups by Capcom. They ...15
Business Tour series15
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